Exemption Bus Card Application

To apply to an exemption bus card, you need to provide the following documents:

• A valid ID card

• A recent photo

• A recent electricity bill

• For the disabled exemption, a medical report detailing the disability from the Ministry of Health of King Hussein Medical City Hospital. The exemption includes only those who require a wheelchair, or lower limb prosthetics, or amputated lower limbs or poliomyelitis. The case should be clearly stated in the medical report.

To apply online



• The applicant will be contacted once the card is issued to collect the card from Amman Vision Transport office located in GAM building in Al Shamal Terminal.
• The card is issued to residents of Amman only, a proof of address should be provided (a valid ID card or electricity/water bill)
• The card is issued free of charge for the first time, a JD5 fee will be charged in case of reapplying for a lost card.
• The card can be used by the authorized user only, the exemption will be canceled for any misuse of the card.
• The card must be scanned in the bus in order to be able to use the bus.